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The One With The Green Jacket:

The green jacket IS a piece everyone needs. You can layer it, wear it as a light jacket, wear it in the winter, and almost slip it on with anything. 
I styled it with black jeans from Levi, a basic long sleeve Feathers shirt, a Topman denim shirt, a Michael Kors watch, and some Timberland boots. 
You can never go wrong with a green jacket because you can easily match it with so much. AND you can really find one of these jackets anywhere! 
Fashion is one of the biggest ways of self expression. Why not care a little bit more and easily throw some things together? The main idea is to not spend so much time looking at what to wear, but to be able to know what you put on will look awesome. Even if you just throw on some layers and leave, there is no way you can lose.
 I literally throw on anything and whatever I want on all the time.
 It doesn't require much of a thought process.
 so go on. 
Layer that shit and carry on.

Topman.com/usa -- UrbanOutfitters.com -- Timberland.com --Levi.com --MichaelKors.com