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The green jacket IS a piece everyone needs. You can layer it, wear it as a light jacket, wear it in the winter, and almost slip it on with anything. 
I styled it with black jeans from Levi, a basic long sleeve Feathers shirt, a Topman denim shirt, a Michael Kors watch, and some Timberland boots. 
You can never go wrong with a green jacket because you can easily match it with so much. AND you can really find one of these jackets anywhere! 
Fashion is one of the biggest ways of self expression. Why not care a little bit more and easily throw some things together? The main idea is to not spend so much time looking at what to wear, but to be able to know what you put on will look awesome. Even if you just throw on some layers and leave, there is no way you can lose.
 I literally throw on anything and whatever I want on all the time.
 It doesn't require much of a thought process.
 so go on. 
Layer that shit and carry on.

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This week I decided to add some very different things to the playlist. The artist I chose are very different from each other, both in style and in genre. But, That makes a good playlist even better!

Topping the list I am starting with SZA. A soulful R&B singer who does not just sing R&B, but reinvents it. You will want to hear her whole album after you play this song. Its a very unique twist on the modern era. She sings "Childs Play" which features the great and young rapper, Chance The Rapper.

Next I added A newer sound, and quite a nice one at that! George Ezra sings the newer single "Budapest", which has been blowing up. The song has a nice refreshing sound you can enjoy on any Monday! This song will for sure get you through the week. Check out his album. You might be surprised how great of an artist he really is!

If you don't know the incredible and insanely talented Meghan Trainor by now then you my friend have been missing out. Her song "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" is a soulful and crazy good melody of notes that will just make you listen on and on and on. And the track features John Legend. If you weren't intrigued before now, then I don't know how else to convince you! 

Last on this weeks list is a Duke Dumont remix. This man can make any song come to life and have you dancing just a little bit more. The Incomparable Whitney Houston is featured on the track, This remixed version of "I Got U" is easily going to turn your gloomy Monday into a bright Monday in no time! 

Let the music play. More music to come!

Have Spotify? Just search Modern Music Monday and carry the playlist with you everywhere!

It’s finally time! Modern Music Monday is here! Each Monday I will add new music to a playlist that friends have told me about, music I have found, or new things I have come across at different times throughout the week. This week I have a mix of Childish Gambino – “Sober”, Usher/Disclosure – “Good Kisser”, Calvin Harris/Haim – “Pray to God”, and Vance Joy – “My Kind Of Man”.

Childish Gambino is easily one of the most influential rapper/ singers in today’s time. His words and his beats make it easy for you to be captivated and want to listen to more. “Sober” is a song on his newest album Kauai, which is his newest ep/ mix tape, and was released in early October of 2014. Each song is very eclectic and different.  Gambino is an easily likable artist with his flow of music and style. You must listen to more!

Usher first came out with his funky smash “Good Kisser” in May of 2014. This song made it to the list because who doesn’t love a little bit of Usher every now and then? I know you all dance when any of his songs come on. And when Disclosure re-mixed “Good Kisser” Back in July, they gave us all the more reasons to dance to him again. The upbeat and modernly beautiful beat of disclosure echoes within the song. It’s a super good Monday song. You’re for sure starting the week off right with this one!

Oh how I love Haim (not to get confused with the delicious food, ham). I recently couldn't stop playing their music because, who doesn't love a group of three powerful woman singing rich songs with passion and yet staying so poised at the same time? I was so pleased when Calvin Harris Featured them on his newest album Motion. “Pray to God” is an upbeat casual vibe that will have your Monday feeling like a Friday. And who doesn't love Fridays? WE ALL DO.

Lastly, we have a classic. An old soul. A master at his work and a unique human being. Vance Joy. What a good man! My friend had recently told me how much she loved him and so I just had to give it a go and listen to some of his music. I’m also never listening to anything else. “My Kind Of Man” is a good song to wind down to at the end of the day.

Keep grooving on. Modern Music Monday will continue next week!

Let the music play. Vibe all day.

Have Spotify? Just search “Modern Music Monday” and you can listen to the playlist anywhere you go! New songs are added every week!

The Start
My name is Drew, and this is my New Year’s resolution.
As the New Year came around I craved to do something I have not done.
Along with every other American I agreed to eat healthier. However, I have just about every junk food option settling in my stomach as I type this.
 It’s a work In progress.
Back to what I was saying..
 I wanted to start something new. 
I like to think of myself as a creative individual, but I am also smart. 
Is it possible to be left and right brain?
As I thought of something new to do this year I simply thought. I'll start a blog.
Twelfth & Lane is where it all started for me. It is the beginning.
I work on twelfth and I live on a Lane. Hence forth, Twelfth & Lane. 
Although I am not planted in one spot and will soon be completely re locating, I wanted a name that told where I came from. 
This blog will be a little bit of everything. Food, music  men's fashion, DIY projects I find myself doing, and photographs of events and adventures in my life. 
I enjoy sharing moments with people and inspiring others. 
Twelfth & Lane will be the start of a new beginning for me, as I have not done something like this before.
It’s a start. A beginning. A new path.
I rhetorically told myself "why not?" when I essentially came up with the idea.
Why not. 
This is the year of opportunity and there is no better time than now.
Its 2015. 
Let’s inspire each other.